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Mission Statement   

The well-being of a cancer patient is significantly impacted by the well-being of the patient’s spouse or life-partner.  Through awareness, education, and financial assistance, the Michael T. Flynn Foundation will provide a sense of peace and ease to enhance the quality of life for cancer patients and their life partners.  




Diane Flynn has dreamed of starting a charitable organization to provide financial assistance and support to couples battling cancer, since losing her husband, Michael, to cancer in 2006.  Now, this dream is coming true in the Michael T. Flynn Foundation.  This organization is a way not only to honor Michael’s life, but also to support and recognize spousal caregivers suddenly thrust into the must-win game of, “we’re beating cancer.” 

      Michael T. Flynn

Diane and Michael met in March 2002.  A year later, on Michael’s 37th birthday, they set a wedding date for June 26, 2004.  Unfortunately, shortly before the wedding they unexpectedly found themselves preparing for Michael to have a tumor removed, along with most of the right lobe of his liver. At that point, it was Michael’s goal to make it to the wedding and be well-enough to dance with his bride, and that he did.  During that dance, Diane and Michael both thought that they had triumphed and the troubles were behind them.     

What they didn’t plan on was the role that cancer would play in their lives and that the “In sickness and in health” vow they took that day was all about sickness and had nothing to do with health.  Michael battled this disease called cancer with every ounce of fight a person can have, and he was determined and brave even in the face of all of his suffering.  He could still tell a joke and brighten anyone’s day just because that was the kind of person he was. Diane was by his side as his wife and caregiver and was suddenly thrust into the 

position of needing to become a medical care expert attentive to every detail of Michael’s care and still needing to make the household and finances work.  Even though Michael had the will and the drive to work, being hospitalized unpredictably every couple of weeks didn’t bode well for his business.  Nearly two years later, just two weeks after Michael’s 40th birthday, Michael died.

Michael was all about living. He was honest, hardworking, and successful.  He was fun.  He was funny.  He was a fanatic about sports, business, and music.  He was a lover of people and just had a knack for making others feel at ease.   He was always talking about how he was going to help people when he got better.  He was a complete nut for sports – baseball, football, boxing, you name it.  The name he used for his team picks for football every year was “Flynndog”.  Michael put a ton of time and energy into his picks, and he also created a lot of excitement surrounding his picks with friends and family, even for people who didn’t particularly care for football.  When Michael was sick, his love of sports and attention to sports gave him comfort and a welcome break from this monster called cancer. 

Join Team Flynndog in supporting couples tackling cancer!  


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